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Cyber Medicine

Cyber medicine helps a doctor to do away with the intense interrogation by patients before and after treatment. Some sensible physician may simplify the medical treatment by informing the patients of its trade secret. The following could be it. We doctors unfailingly assume that the diseases are due to infection for which antibiotics are necessary. The antibiotics do not have either target specificity or microorganism specificity. Since the practice among the physicians now is using broad-spectrum antibiotics, self-treatment or physician assisted treatment it does not matter!

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Next, painkillers and fever medicines could be taken whenever necessary for which physician's consultation is a waste of time and money.

Next, when there is inflammation, swelling and pain any anti-inflammatory drug is of benefit since these drugs are not prescribed based on individual's specificity.

Next if there is allergy the patients may be informed of a few symptoms and a few anti histamine drugs that every patient knows by this time.

And finally, a vitamin supplement.

Thus cyber medicine may cater to suffering individual's evidence based medicine in the early stages of the disease or any ordinary day-to-day problems.

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